The student chapter hosted practice presentations for Penn State students who will be presenting at the San Diego conference!

The following current Graduate Program in Acoustics students are presenting:

Zhendong Huang – 1pNS5: Predicting the statistical occurrence of Mach cut-off sounds using a 3-D ray-tracing model and high-resolution weather data

Jonathan Broyles – 1pNS8: Perceived annoyance of Mach-cutoff flight ground signatures compared to common transportation sounds

Trevor Jerome – 1pPA6: Running With Speedster Superheroes: What They Hear, and Practical Applications Regarding Observers Travelling at Supersonic Speeds

Mark Langhirt – 2pUW12: Variational formulation for sensitivity analysis of a two-dimensional energy flux model

Dan Watson – 3pSA2: Application of no-tachometer time synchronous averaging (TSA) and relative signal strengths to localize gear and bearing faults in a helicopter gearbox

Eric Rokni – 3aBA4: Color Doppler ultrasound twinkling in pathological biomineralizations

Carter Childs – 4aEA4: Modeling a piezoelectric cantilever beam with SimScape

Molly Smallcomb – 4aBAa11: Histotripsy in collagenous tendons

Jonathan Broyles practices his ASA San Diego presentation Eric Rokni practices his ASA San Diego presentation