Did you know? – today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! PSU ASA knows a lot of female acousticians to celebrate today!

There are lots of great acoustics students here in the Graduate Program in Acoustics, including our Outreach Coordinator Molly Smallcomb, and student members of the ASA Katie Krainc, Cristina Ochoa, and Demi Zachos. Women alumni from the Program can be found in acoustics and vibrations positions in industry and academia across the globe! Example: Lily Wang, recent ASA president, also a PSU Acoustics alum!

The students here in the Graduate Program are also lead and taught by some great female acousticians including Dr. Julianna Simon (who runs the BASiL lab) and Dr. Michelle Vigeant (who runs the SPRAL lab), who are both very active in ASA national as well.

In the world of acoustics outside Penn State, there are plenty of other examples of outstanding female scientists who made or are making big contributions to the science of acoustics, vibration, audio, and music technology! This Women in Acoustics website is a long list of women who have been formally honored for their contributions to the field through the ASA, and this page links to a couple articles ASA members have written about women in acoustics. This article and its comments section mentions a few more female acousticians (including Sophie Germain, who inspired the Chladni plate picture on this article).